South Florida Truck Accident Lawyer – Catastrophic Injury

A truck accident can be terrifying and dangerous. Semi-trucks can weigh over 30,000 pounds. Depending on what they’re transporting, they can weigh as much as 8 tons. This much weight, even when trucks are moving slowly, can cause very serious damage to others on the road. Tragically, nearly a quarter of all crashes involving semi-trucks cause significant injuries and life-changing consequences.

Spinal Cord Injuries-Brain Injuries-Wrongful Death

Catastrophic back and neck injuries too often result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. There are also many unanticipated results from catastrophic injuries. Post-Accident life care planners; money managers from major settlements; and full time institutional care can be essential requirements and issues. Our brain and spine injury attorney have been through this process with accident victims, and we know how and where to guide you. We remain involved throughout the process.

Medically referred to as closed head injuries (CHI), brain injuries are common in serious truck accidents. CHIs can drastically change people’s lives and the lives of their families. It is not unusual for these injuries to prevent people from returning to their previous occupation. Capable catastrophic injuries lawyer are necessary for not only documenting a lost occupation but also in guiding victims with regards to the retraining process.

Death is too often a reality in vehicular accidents. wrongful death lawyer have historically been highly successful in truck accident cases, though these are some of the most complicated cases to handle.

Our catastrophic injury attorneys have experience guiding families through this traumatic process. While it can be difficult to think about wrongful death attorney after a fatal accident, it is critical you seek legal help. Finding experienced trucking attorneys is essential in these times. We are confident that our knowledge and experience can stand at the side of you and your family, effectively guiding you through the process.

What Should You Do After A Truck Accident?

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The sooner you have Miami brain injury lawyer on your side, the better. Often, it is imperative that your attorneys act immediately to obtain a court order to have the truck impounded. Our best wrongful death attorney prevents the potential defendants and their insurance companies from tampering with the truck or its electronic control module (ECM). The ECM is the truck’s “black box.” It can hold important details and evidence in truck accidents.

These court orders aren’t particularly difficult to obtain, but they must be obtained immediately following a serious truck accident. We are ready to help you take immediate action in protecting you and your family.

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