What to Do After Involvement in a Truck Accident in Florida

You may need to immediately get a Court Order securing and impounding the truck; in particular, you need the truck’s “E.C.M.” or Electronic Control Module (the truck’s blackbox).

Act Fast to Preserve Evidence

Your attorney must promptly send out notification of representation and officially demand preservation of materials, records, and documents. This process has actual legal consequences for those who do not preserve these things when notified.

Trucking companies know that time is critical. You will likely need the help of an attorney’s knowledge of operations and trucking law—and you will likely need it immediately.

Be Prepared for A Motor Carrier’s Insurance Company

After virtually every major trucking accident, the trucking company’s insurance carrier will be at the scene within hours if not sooner, even if it is in the middle of the night.

It is also not uncommon for insurance company attorneys to be on the scene with the trucking company’s insurance adjusters.

While it is not realistically possible for the victim to match the speed of the insurance company, quick action by the insurance attorney can go a long way in preserving evidence and speaking with witnesses.